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Residential Driveway Paving in Penetanguishene and Midland Areas

You work hard to make your house look appealing. From exterior updates to lawn care, the work you put into your home increases your curb appeal and makes your home more valuable. But if your driveway or sidewalks are in disrepair, it can make the rest of your home look worse. So if you need asphalt repairs or driveway paving in Penetanguishene or surrounding areas, turn to G & J Paving. We know that planning any sort of home improvement project can be difficult, that’s why we pride ourselves on being upfront with our clients. For more than 40 years we’ve been providing asphalt services that include:

  • Paving 
  • Patching
  • Resurfacing

Are you ready to see what we can do for your home? If so, contact G & J Paving and get a free project quote to get started.

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Signs Your Asphalt Needs Replacing

If you think about it, your driveway and even your sidewalk takes a beating on a daily basis. From the weight of cars to ladders and bicycle/motorcycle kickstands or even potted plants, your asphalt surfaces can begin to sink or form cracks and dents over time. In some cases, your friends at G & J Paving can repair your surfaces, but if the base of the surface has problems the surface will have to be replaced. Here are a few signs your asphalt surface might need to be replaced: 

  • Cracks: As your driveway ages, cracks will inevitably start to appear. While small cracks are easy to repair, if your asphalt surface has developed several large, sprawling cracks then it might be time to replace it. 
  • Drainage: Have you noticed pools of water forming in certain parts of your asphalt surface? If so, that might mean you have a drainage problem. Adding a drain and adjusting the slop are just a couple ways you might be able to remedy the situation. 
  • Erosion: Everyday wear and tear along with the elements can wreak havoc on your asphalt surface. If you notice the edges of your surface are beginning to crumble away, then you might need to repave. 

Contact G & J Paving and get started on your project with a free quote.

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